By Mary Cohron

As long-time residents and business women here in Bowling Green, Stacy and I know this community. We’re active in professional, civic and social groups that are improving the quality of life for everyone in our hometown. Perhaps that’s why so many of our friends and neighbors began turning to us for advice when they realized an older loved one needed extra care. They were struggling not knowing what to do or where to start. There are so many senior care options available and finding the one that best fits the needs of a family member can be overwhelming.

That’s why we started Pathways. We wanted to be a resource to those in our community who are looking for that next step in senior care. Whether they’d like to remain in their own home and need help with daily meals and cleaning, are interested in moving to an independent or assisted living community, or need a memory care facility, we wanted to be a resource for them. We take the guesswork out of the process by providing information about the various care options and facilities in our community. We work with the family to find the option that’s best for everyone.

How we spend our golden years is important not just to us but to our family and loved ones as well. Stacy and I are passionate about Pathways Senior Care Advisors and what we can do to help our friends and neighbors by alleviating some of the stress and uncertainty that goes along with choosing a senior care option. That’s why we started this journey! We want to be the best senior care transitioners in the Bowling Green area.